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Plastic - Tygapaw, Aérea Negrot, Mike Starr

  • SchwuZ 26 Rollbergstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12053 Germany (map)

A queer celebration of popculture


Olympics Bukkakis

House Floor: 

Aérea Negrot
Mikey Woodbridge
Mike Starr

Doing The Most by Black Crackers: 

Sara Fumaca b2b FORESTA (No Shadow) 

Show by Gieza Poke's Rubber Dolls : Mr. Stellar, Antina Christ, Tyra May Sue

Performance: Cheryl's Singalong Toilet

PLASTIC Actions: 

Free Shots: Esbjork Exstellar & Santana
Artwork by Benedikt Rugar http://www.benediktrugar.com/ & Design Diego Scaro
Photography by Matthias Hamann

Partykids, this is your time. With PLASTIC, a new series of events moved into the hallowed halls of the SchwuZ ', which unites and celebrates with 3 Floors Fashion, extravagance, ecstasy and creativity. PLASTIC brings diverse communities together and dedicates itself to the exciting world of popular music. PLASTIC is home to passionate music fans of pop culture, at the interface between art and pop. PLASTIC is all about now, delivers exciting drag shows every month and brings you the acts to Neukölln that are currently inspiring the blogs. Also on board is music producer and artist black cracker, who will be curating the Doing The Most Floor every month. PLASTIC is your artpop party, right on the pulse of time. Life in plastic, it's fantastic. 

Admission: 8 euros before midnight / 11 euros after midnight

More info about PLASTIC and future events: 


Show: Gieza Poke's Rubber Dolls

Gieza Poke, Scotland's premier power-top, butch-lesbian drag-queen, is here to bring you monthly hand-picked selection of the best and most exciting performers of the Berlin drag scene. 
Fierce lipsynchs! Jaw-dropping dancing! Performance art that will leave you questioning the very nature of your being! Our shows feature some, all, or none of the above but are guaranteed to leave to wanting more! 


Later Event: June 2
Studio 69