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Four Play Summer Edition

  • Ritter Butzke 26 Ritterstraße Berlin, Berlin, 10969 Germany (map)

It must have been a scene in some film, or perhaps just a bad dream: a human being, perhaps yourself, is trapped in a middle of an isolated chamber. There are no windows and no door. Just a clock ticking, and with every tick, the walls come closer, diminishing the space, pillaging the air. You can't avoid feeling the pressure, which then becomes fear. You wish to wake up and find yourself in a safe bed, but is it indeed only a dream or a deja vu from a bad movie?

Admit it, there's probably nowhere to run to anymore. Even Berlin isn't what it used to be. No more freelancing a few hours a week, starting your weekend on Thursday and ending it on Monday. The walls are drawing closer and the ever grey clouds are slowly gathering above the city's night life skies.

Looking to all corners for refuge only makes your stomach shrink faster. Looking up won't do much as well - it never did.

Looking down, you notice a small blue pill. You pick it up, close your eyes, and swallow it at once. 

Time stands still. The walls as well. Your body becomes light and the tall concrete ceiling dissolves by its own, turning into a million shiny white dust specks. You ascend higher and higher. Soon enough the chamber of despair becomes nothing but a memory to oppress. 

Your mind is off but the destination is clear. You know well enough that this moment can't last forever and the question, where it could longest last is a predestined one. 

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